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avatera Mission

"We believe that every patient deserves the most gentle, safest and most effective treatment available."

Our company avateramedical® develops surgical, robot-assisted systems with the objective of preferably making these available to all patients and clinics worldwide.

Our endeavors are designed to ensure that the technology we developed reliably supports every physician in his responsible work.



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What drives us

"During the past few years, a broad portfolio of highly reliable mechatronic standard components have been developed in the automation industry and are being applied countless of times. With the development of a new product platform, we seized the opportunity to use these components in order to achieve highly fail-safe operation."

Holger Plettenberg, System Architect at avateramedical

"For me, safety means much more than merely designing a reliable product. In the 30 years during which I was able to acquire professional experience in the automotive and medical technology industry, I learned that not only the products have to be "super safe". It is imperative to subject the users, the employees in production and the service engineers to intense training and to ensure adherence to tested processes defined in detail."

Eva-Maria Hessler, Head of Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs