The two central components of the avatera system

Surgical robot with 4 arms to control 3 avatera instruments and the endoscope

Control unit which provides a mircroscope like view and 3D visualization

Precise surgery and ultimate comfort

Ergonomic surgery

The individual control unit elements can be flexibly adjusted to provide an ergonomic working position that keeps fatigue to a minimum. This enables the surgeon to maintain a comfortable seat, arm and head position throughout the surgical procedure, even over several hours.

The sleek eyepiece design and low-noise system will help to ensure to smooth communication between the surgeon and surgical team.

Excellent Visualization

The eyepiece of the avatera system will provide a very high level of color fidelity to distinguish even the smallest details. It is facilitated by the QXGA standard which produces a 3D image with more than full HD resolution.

Freedom of movement through articulated instruments

The avatera instruments will be designed for use with 5 mm trocars, enabling gentle surgical procedures to be performed with minimal scar formation. The instrument tips have seven degrees of freedom, so the range of motion offered is greater than with manual laparoscopic instruments. What's more, the avatera system translates the natural hand movements of the operating surgeon into highly precise movements of the laparoscopic instruments. 

avatera instruments are designed for one-time use. Therefore surgeons always have new, reliable instruments at their disposal for every surgical procedure. This eliminates the residual risk of cross-contamination which could otherwise occur during a cleaning and sterilization process.

Four articulated instruments for urological and gynaecological applications will be offered during the initial phase:

  • Metzenbaum scissors (bipolar) for cutting and coagulation

  • Atraumatic grasper for holding and grasping tissue

  • Maryland dissector (bipolar) for dissecting tissue and for coagulation

  • Needle holder for guiding surgical needles during suturing