The avatera group, with its locations in Jena and Ilmenau, employs more than 130 people. In addition, we work closely with a consortium of German and European partners who support us in the development and manufacture of all system components.

All our development activities are carried out in Germany.

The company's head office is in Jena, a hub of science and medical technology.

This is also where the state-of-the-art avatera training center with its training operating room is located. 

avateramedical GmbH boasts a comprehensive quality management system that is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2016. The use of German servers and the application of German and European data protection standards ensure maximum security when it comes to protecting sensitive data, including clinic and patient data.

Our “Mechatronics Competence Center” is located in Ilmenau/Thuringia and operates under the name of avateramedical Mechatronics GmbH. Already since 1991 at this location,components and high-precision sensor, robotic and automation systems have been developed and manufactured. Thanks to the employees in Ilmenau, in partnership with biologists, biomechatronics engineers, computer scientists and mathematics, the company was one of the first in Germany to develop bionically inspired, ultra-light robot arms.

avateramedical Mechatronics GmbH successfully uses the advantages of the technology and science location of Ilmenau as well as the tightly-knit local network built up over many years. The company was certified to DIN standard ISO 9001:2015, developed to the requirements of the DIN EN 60601, DIN EN 62304 and DIN EN 62366 series of standards.

In 2019, we reached one of the most important milestones in the history of our young company. The avatera system successfully passed the conformity-assessment procedure. We are thus entitled to use the CE label, which documents the conformity of the avatera system with all applicable statutory and normative requirements. We have thus provided proof of the comprehensive safety and performance of our system.