avateramedical robot-assisted surgery system progresses to clinical use

Jena, Germany, May 10, 2022avateramedical GmbH, an innovative German medical technology company specializing in robot-assisted, minimally invasive surgery, today announced the successful completion of the first ten surgeries in humans with the avatera system.

  • avatera system implemented in first clinical practice at German university hospital

  • Ten successful surgeries in urology patients completed in recent weeks

  • Newly designed, competitive player in the robot-assisted surgery market with high-quality,

    accessible system tailored to surgeons’ needs

  • More clinical key sites across Europe to be added in coming weeks and months

With this achievement, the surgical robot has now been introduced into everyday clinical practice at the first hospital worldwide, the University of Leipzig Medical Center (Universitätsklinikum Leipzig), Germany, spearheaded by Prof. Jens-Uwe Stolzenburg, MD, Director of the Department of Urology.

“With the first in-human surgeries, we are entering a new exciting chapter in our company’s history,” said Greg Roche, CEO of avateramedical N.V. “It is our vision to make cutting-edge, efficient robot- assisted surgery accessible for every patient around the world. Based on German excellence in engineering and manufacturing, we have developed a surgical robotic system that adheres to the highest standards of quality, ease-of-use and reliability. I am honoured to be part of this inspiring company and would like to thank the team for their tremendous work in achieving this milestone. As we approach the markets, I am very much looking forward to driving our growth further and starting to build a global brand.”

Andreas Wegner-Berndt, Managing Director of avateramedical GmbH, added: “The first surgical procedures on patients were performed at the University of Leipzig Medical Center to remove prostate and kidney tumors. We are thrilled that these procedures were so successful and that surgeons and their patients are now beginning to benefit from our work. I am incredibly proud of our team at avateramedical who made this great achievement possible with outstanding engineering and software development skills, great personal commitment and passion. As planned, we are expanding the use of the avatera system to more medical centers and look forward to gaining more experience in the clinical application of our novel system at our clinical key sites across Europe in the coming months.”

The avatera system was developed as a high-quality solution for minimally invasive robotic surgery. Its single-use concept for surgical instruments eliminates the need for complex and expensive sterilization processes, saving costs while always providing surgeons with new, reliable instruments, removing the risk of cross-contamination. Additionally, avateramedical has designed a system that builds on and improves the features and functionality of currently available surgical robots, is easy and comfortable to use, and is specifically tailored to the needs of surgeons and their teams. The built-in seat and individual ergonomic adjustment options allow surgeons to work comfortably even during very long operations. An open design and low noise levels allow for ease of communication for the surgical teams. The compact system does not require much space and can easily fit in a wide variety of operating rooms. avatera has received the CE mark and is approved for minimally invasive surgery in urology and gynecology in the European Economic Area. Currently, the system is being rolled out at partner sites which will allow the company to gain additional experience in clinical routines.

About avatera®

avatera® is the first German system for robot-assisted, minimally invasive surgery. Tailored to address specific user needs, the cutting-edge system enables precise keyhole surgery (so-called laparoscopy) with the highest level of safety for patients and maximum ergonomic comfort for surgeons and surgical teams. Thanks to avatera’s single-use concept, surgeons always work with new, reliable instruments without the risk of cross-contamination or the need for cost-intensive sterilization processes. The application of German and European data protection standards ensure maximum security for the protection of all sensitive data of clinics and patients. With a certified quality management system and the CE mark, avatera complies with all legal and formal requirements and meets high safety and efficacy standards.

avateramedical GmbH is an innovative German medical technology company in the field of robot- assisted surgery with high tech sites in Jena, Ilmenau, Hanover and Altingen. The private company was founded in 2011 and combines the expertise of leading European surgeons, German top managers and excellent German engineers and software developers. avateramedical, with its current workforce of over 200 employees, aims to combine state-of-the-art medical technology with economic efficiency, quality, ergonomic comfort and reliability. avateramedical GmbH is a subsidiary of avateramedical N.V.

For more information, please see https://www.avatera.eu.

* Image Copyright: Stefan Straube, UKL

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