avateramedical Senior Mangement

avateramedical GmbH in Jena along with its subsidiaries in Ilmenau and Hannover is a subsidiary of avateramedical N.V., based in Amsterdam/Netherlands. Company management is composed of the following members.

Ian Read is the former Chairman and CEO of the biopharmaceutical company Pfizer. Mr Read created more than $240 billion of shareholder value. He stands for good governance, growth and value creation and the ability to transform companies to become strong and successful market leaders.

Mr Read is presently Chairman of DXC, a board member of Kimberly-Clark Corporation and he serves as an Operating Executive in the Global Healthcare Group for the Carlyle Group. Furthermore he joined the board of directors of Viatris.

Ian Read joined Pfizer in 1978 as an operational auditor. From then until 2010 he worked in various leadership roles with increasing responsibility and successfully developed Pfizer’s Worldwide Biopharmaceutical Businesses. In 2010, he became CEO and in 2011, Chairman of Pfizer and retired from these positions in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

William (Jay) Gerald Austen Jr. is a professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School and also serves as chief physician to the plastic, reconstructive, and burns surgery departments of Massachusetts General Hospital. Owing to his clinical experience, he is an authority on medical device innovation and has been instrumental in the development of numerous patents and prototypes for anti-ageing, rejuvenation and scar therapy.

Dr. Austen has published extensively in the field of plastic surgery with more than 100 publications reviewed by experts and has filed or granted more than 100 patents in the USA and internationally.

Greg Roche joined Stryker Endoscopy in 2005 where he ascended to Regional Manager in 2006 and Director Corporate Accounts/Finance in 2011.

He joined Zimmer Biomet Surgical as Commercial Vice President in 2012 and was promoted to Global President Robotics and Technology in 2018.

Mr. Roche holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Miami University (Ohio) and a JD from Cleveland Marshall College of Law, Cleveland.

Peter Wiesing served as CEO of the avateramedical GmbH from June 2017 until December 2019. In November 2019 he was appointed as member of the management board of avateramedical N.V..

Currently, Mr Wiesing is serving in various boards. Over the past 15 years he held various management and executive positions in the medical technology, finance and IT sectors.

Dr Dr Wiesing holds a master's degree in physics, a PhD in economics and a further PhD in neuroscience. He was also a research associate at the Salk Institute, La Jolla and MIT, Cambridge MA.

Tobias Ortmaier is managing director of avateramedical Digital Solutions GmbH in Hannover, which is responsible for software development. He has been active in the fields of medical and industrial robotics as well as machine learning for more than 20 years and is passionate about translating fundamental research into practical applications.

Tobias Ortmaier has extensive experience in technology transfer and building young companies, and is co-founder of the robotics and automation specialist FORWARDttc GmbH and Yuanda Robotics GmbH, a manufacturer of robots for human-robot interaction. Before becoming managing director, he worked for the KUKA company and as head of the Institute for Mechatronic Systems at Leibniz University in Hannover, among other positions.

Matthias Dagen is managing director of avateramedical Digital Solutions GmbH in Hannover, which is responsible for software development. He has extensive robotics and automation experience. In 2012, he co-founded the robotics and automation specialist FORWARDttc GmbH, where he served as managing director. Furthermore, he is co-founder and shareholder of Yuanda Robotics GmbH, a manufacturer of robots for human-machine interaction. At the same time, he worked as a research associate and later deputy institute director at the Institute for Mechatronic Systems at Leibniz Universität Hannover.

Matthias Dagen holds a diploma in mechanical engineering from Leibniz Universität Hannover.