Corporate Quality Policy

1. Our customers are our partners.

The company's purpose is to offer our customers high-quality medical products, mature in terms of safety and durability which have been tested to the best of our ability in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements. The needs and wishes of our customers and the safety of the patients to be treated with our products are at the center of all our actions and all activities are aimed assure this.

2. The basis for the success of the company are our employees and partners.

Acquiring competence, ensuring up-to-date knowledge and applying ‘best practices’ is top priority for all employees. In addition to professional competence, social and methodical competences must be developed to establish a relationship based on partnership and fairness with our customers. Tasks are only taken on and commitments made, if the skills, experience and resources can be provided.

3. Convincing quality is essential for our market success.

The company is committed to meeting the requirements defined in the quality management system and to taking measures to continuously improve and maintain the QM system. This also includes the active further development of our partners in line with the applicable national regulatory and normative requirements.

4. In the interest of our customers and their patients, we use our technologies and competencies to continuously offer better solutions.

The search for solutions is tailored to the needs of customers and their patients and is based on the current state of science, technology and industry development.

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We believe that every patient deserves the safest and most gentle treatment.