Corporate policy

1. Our customers are our partners.

The company's mission is to offer our customers high-quality medical products, which have been fully developed and subjected to the best possible testing in terms of safety and durability. The wants and needs of our customers and the safety of the patients being treated with our products are the focus of everything we do, and all our activities are geared towards this.

2. Our employees and partners are the foundation of the company's success.

The primary duty of all members of staff is to develop skills, secure up-to-date knowledge, and apply best practice. As well as professional competence, social and methodological skills must also be developed so that we can build a strong and fair partnership with our customers. Tasks can only be undertaken and assurances can only be given if the skills, experience and resources are made available.

3. Compelling quality is key to our market success.

The company is committed to meeting the requirements of the quality management system and taking measures to continuously improve and maintain the QM system. This also includes the active development of our partners based on the requirements of ISO 13485.

4. In the interests of our customers and their patients, we use our technology and skills to continually offer better solutions.

The search for solutions is aligned with the needs of our customers and their patients, and is based on the state of the art in science and technology and on the latest developments in the industry.

avateramedical – It all starts with the question why.

We believe that every patient deserves the safest and most gentle treatment.