• The German Robot.

avatera. The German Robot.

avatera is the name of the first German system that will give doctors and patients access to the benefits of robot-assisted, minimally invasive surgery.

For this purpose, avateramedical GmbH brings together the know-how of leading European surgeons, the entrepreneurial spirit of German top managers, and the passion of first-rate German engineers, designers and developers.

"avateramedical combines medical technology with cost-effectiveness, high quality, comfort and reliability. That’s what doctors and clinics ask for and that’s what we will deliver."

Dr. Dr. Peter Wiesing | Managing Director

Focused on the essentials

At the heart of all product developments lie the future users. Right from the start avateramedical works closely with renowned surgeons, surgical and clinical staff, so that together we create a system that meets the wants and needs of its users.

This is where the avatera team maintains a consistent focus on all essential system functions that are required for the application, using well-established technologies, procedures and components that have been tried and tested over decades and have already been successfully used in automation technology. Functions that have not been fully developed are deliberately left out.

This ensures that the avatera system offers all the recognized benefits of robot-assisted surgery, while at the same time guaranteeing maximum safety and reliability.

A smart investment for the future

Up to now the use of robot-assisted procedures has been extremely resource- intensive and therefore not a viable option for many clinics. avatera's mission is to ensure all clinics are able to access robot-assisted surgery.

Taking established robotic techniques as a basis, avatera engineers put all their energy into developing a system that is optimized in terms of cost, quality, comfort and reliability. This "feat" will be achieved by:

  •  using sophisticated, highly reliable standard components and techniques that have been well established for many years, instead of cost-intensive, in-house developments
  • implementing a unique and consistent single-use concept, thereby reducing the associated risk of contamination and at the same avoiding the costs of cleaning and sterilizing the instruments and the endoscope
  • focusing on essential system functions and not on expensive features with no sufficiently substantiated practical benefit
  • investment protection through flexible financing options
  • good availability via teleservice
  • low training costs thanks to easy-to-learn handling and a modern training concept

A dedicated partner to surgeons

All avatera employees are aware of their responsibilities and firmly believe they can achieve great things in their work. The avatera team is working with future users to develop a system that will offer everyone worldwide access to robot-assisted surgery and the resulting treatment-related benefits. This goal provides both the motivation and stimulation to develop extraordinary ideas and remain dedicated to the task. At the same time, feedback from future users is actively encouraged. 

The avateramedical team looks forward to having an open exchange with all interested doctors and clinics and to advising them with expertise and enthusiasm on their journey into the world of robot-assisted surgery.